What is OmniBooter?

OmniBooter the configurable and flexible off-the-shelf UDS bootloader. Download and try our tools to generate our Omnibooter which is a fully ISO-14229 compliant bootloader.



OmniBooter is secure, supporting the latest security cryptographic algorithms. For smaller lower cost microcontrollers OmniBooter has an innovative Software Security Module (SwSM) that mimics a Hardware Security Module (HSM). This brings massive benefits to many low cost ECUs and legacy designs. Now they too can be fully secured against attack.

Fast Booting

OmniBooter is a fast booting bootloader. Intelligently checking whether or not to perform a full application hash on start-up.

Small yet Powerful

OmniBooter is a very small footprint bootloader, giving you more space for your application. It is still fully featured and ISO-14229 compliant with security features built in. You can have it all.


Since OmniBooter is configurable you can flex it anyway you need. OmniBooter comes with a configuration tool that enables you to define your ideal bootloader.

OmniBooter Flash

To flash your applications, or even replace your bootloader, you can use OmniBooter-Flash. It is an ISO-14229 compliant flashing tool that enables you to reprogram the ECU over CAN.
Compatible with Peak and Vector Flashing hardware. You can purchase the Peak Flashing Hardware with OmniBooter-Flash. Available to purchase separately, with and without USB-CAN hardware.

OmniBooter Sign

The graphical user interface and command line tool to securely sign your binaries. In command-line mode OmniBooter Sign can be placed at the end of your build process. So every time you build you get a fully signed application ready to download to your application.

dream too!

Engineers Dream Too!

The Omnibooter helps our customers to develop secure, highly cost-effective ECUs based on ST Power Architecture® microcontrollers. Together with highly integrated ASSP devices based on our proprietary BCD technology, our customers can realize their entire project with an optimized system cost and form factor. We are pleased to collaborate with Embed, working together with us to develop the ecosystem for our digital and smart-power products.

Philippe PratsVP Automotive Marketing & Applications EMEA - STMicroelectronics

OmniBooter is an easy to use configurable UDS bootloader, exactly what we needed. We were up and running quickly and are looking to use it in our production product.

Andy PhillipsHead of Product Engineering - Aeristech Ltd

We quickly got OmniBooter integrated and it works well. The OmniBooter Flashing tool is simple to use and very effective, removing the need to use expensive diagnostic tools.

Doug PonsfordMercedes AMG High performance Powertrain Ltd