Frequent questions about OmniBooter

We know you will have lots of questions about OmniBooter. It is a revolutionary new way to deliver UDS Bootloaders, so a lot to get your head around.

The most frequent questions we have come up against are all here. We will keep adding to them as new ones crop up.

Importantly OmniBooter is easy to use and configure. It comes complete with a flashing tool. Once you download the trial version and give it a go everything will become much clearer.

How is OmniBooter licensed?

  • OmniBooter Flash and OmniBooter Config are linked to specific machines
  • OmniBooter-Configuration can be installed on one machine
  • OmniBooter-Flash can be installed on up to 5 machines
  • You can move the OmniBooter-Flash and OmniBooter-Configuration licenses by deregistering the installation and re-registering on the new machine. You do not need our help to do this, you are your own master!
  • OmniBooter bootloader is installed on embedded ECU’s according to the license agreement – evaluation is free but with limited function, development is free but not for resale, Commercial is saleable according to the license agreement.

Is OmniBooter customisable?

Yes – it is very customisable. You can change CAN details, memory layout etc.

Also we can customise it for you – adding in additional features or making modifications as you require.

How do you support me through my development cycle?

The out-the-box OmniBooter works with the most popular automotive evaluation boards. The complete list of supported boards is below. This will get you going immediately.

How shall I download my application using OmniBooter?

There is an included flashing tool, OmniBooter-Flash. It has an intuitive user interface and uses the popular Peak and Vector CAN-USB interface hardware.

How can OmniBooter support my ECU?

We will port OmniBooter to your hardware. This is much quicker and more cost effective that you would think because of our incredibly flexible and modular software architecture. Send us some details and try us out!

What evaluation boards does OmniBooter support?

OmniBooter supports the following boards at the moment. We are growing this list continuously. If you have a board that you think we should support please let us know via the contact page.

OmniBooter Flash is sold in sets of 5 licenses, what does this mean?

OmniBooter Flash is locked to a PC. Since we know you will want to flash ECUs on your desk, at a rig, and in the vehicle we supply five licenses with every purchase instead of one. These can be moved around by deregistering the installation and then reregistering them on the new machine.

Can’t find what you need – ask us via the contact page

The Omnibooter helps our customers to develop secure, highly cost-effective ECUs based on ST Power Architecture® microcontrollers. Together with highly integrated ASSP devices based on our proprietary BCD technology, our customers can realize their entire project with an optimized system cost and form factor. We are pleased to collaborate with Embed, working together with us to develop the ecosystem for our digital and smart-power products.

Philippe PratsVP Automotive Marketing & Applications EMEA - STMicroelectronics

OmniBooter is an easy to use configurable UDS bootloader, exactly what we needed. We were up and running quickly and are looking to use it in our production product.

Andy PhillipsHead of Product Engineering - Aeristech Ltd

We quickly got OmniBooter integrated and it works well. The OmniBooter Flashing tool is simple to use and very effective, removing the need to use expensive diagnostic tools.

Doug PonsfordMercedes AMG High performance Powertrain Ltd